February 26, 2008

even quicker update

Blood patch was successful yesterday, however we spent the entire day at the doc. I ended up with migraine from hell for whatever reason, and by the time we picked Bubba up from the sitter I was positive I was dying. Made it home, crashed on the couch, moaning. Took two (normally I only take one) sleeping pills and woke up with no headache around 3 am. Then managed to oversleep, because W didn't hear my alarm (I stayed on the couch.) W woke up with ANOTHER headache, but don't know if it is spinal or just migraine. I've had about enough.

Side note: My sitter is quitting after Thursday and I have no alternative child care, except for W. Which is no big deal except we have a bunch of doc appointments upcoming and Bubba cannot attend them. Must find a preschool or something, but I have no time to research and go visit, etc. etc. BLAH!


Missy said...

Ouch... I hope both of your heads are feeling better soon. I'd baby sit for ya but I think that's too far of a drive. Good luck finding a baby sitter or preschool. Some daycares around here do both!

J. Cullinane said...

SUCK SUCK SUCK! Migraines are awful, because it's like being hit over and over in the head, but you're still expected to be normal and get shit done. You have my sympathies.