February 05, 2008


Ya'll, I gotta say, life is boring and dull around the hideaway lately. Unless you count the four hours I spent in the ER with my bestest bud, A, last nite. Got home around midnite. Exhausted today. She's fine, was just a wicked migraine that needed some pain meds to fix. One IV, (two sticks) one shot of drugs and she was much better. She even forgave me for making her go, and neglecting to mention that her mom would be waiting for her at home (flew in by husband from PA.)

otherwise, things are about the same. I work and work and work. I fight with the boys, but that has been improving lately.

W has a date with a scalpel again. I'm praying for results this time. At least some relief would be appreciated, considering this makes surgery number 3. I'll keep you (somewhat) informed.

Bubba is doing well for the most part. We got Guitar Hero 3 from W's brother, M for Christmas, complete with TWO guitars! Lordy, it's addicting. I never really had the desire to play it before we had it, but now I want to spend hours on it, and I can't. So a little here and there must do. Bubba likes trying to play, but has resorted to dragging his little drum set to stand next to me and drum while I play. Too cute, honestly.

Work sucks. But to be expected, it's work. Radio station time should pick up next weekend, as racing is back on the schedule!!!! Man I've been waiting for it. However, it will mean big chunks of Saturdays away from the boys, again. However, Bubba came to work with me last weekend for a quick remote, two hours. He did great...watched a movie, hogged the computer. Not sure I'd want to try that for a race, but it's on option if necessary.

K, I gotta go back to ignoring my work. No, I've gotten a lot done today, I'm just totally unmotivated because I'm so tired. I'd love to crawl into bed soon as I get home, but that won't happen.

Catch y'all later.


Missy said...

That sounds like a really fun game. Hope your friend is feeling better soon. Although the mix of drugs they give you for headaches in the ER is NICE... not on the pocket book though. Stay cool!!!

Jennifer Goertzen said...

You should really take a picture of Bubba playing his drum kit...that is too adorable.

J. Cullinane said...

I agree, I'd love a picture of ALL you playing together. My friends took a photo of them all playing Rockstar Band and it's hilarious!