February 19, 2008

I swear I'm not trying to compete with Andy with sweepstakes things

Cross post from Mafia site:

While it didn't contain any official notification about the trivia contest, my husband informed me this afternoon that a package arrived from Nashville for me. Nashville, I questioned? Open it, it's gotta be from Gone Country!! AND IT WAS!!!A tshirt, autographed pic of the entire cast, including JR and a Muzik Mafia poker chip. WOOO HOOO! I've entered three of the trivia contests so far, but it specifies the first FIVE correct responses win, and there's no way I've been among the first five. But I got stuff for some reason and it's AWESOME!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to get home and look at it!!!!!YAY for me, and Missy, I hope you get something, too!!!!


Missy said...

No fair. You ever get the chance to meet him again you'll have to tell him he's got one damn disappointed fan in South Dakota!!!

dough sheep said...

Well, I won a loaf a bread! So nyah!

Anonymous said...

Dropped by and so saying hey.

BTW, you warn everyone about being boring and cranky but you know what, it takes a very strong woman to be doing what you do - daily. Faith.