February 24, 2008

quick update

How do I put this without sounding totally pathetic? W's procedure went. How's that. I don't wanna say it went good, because that would imply he's getting relief from the thingamajig, and he's not. I don't wanna say it went bad because the surgeon didn't actually have to cut him, like we expected. However, since he DIDN'T cut him, he didn't get optimal placement so he's not getting much relief. Also, he's been the lucky recipient of a spinal headache, and any ladies out there who had complications after an epidural for childbirth will know what I mean. Basically it means he's had to be flat on his back for as much as possible since we got home Friday night. So, things have been crappy here....There may be a trip back to the doctor tomorrow, depending on what they say when he calls in the morning. They weren't concerned when I called them yesterday morning with our concerns about the headache. When someone who's gone to the hospital for a migraine in the past says it's worse than his worst migraine, I'M CONCERNED!!!!!

One positive thing to say. Here's the link to the Muzik Mafia webpage showing me as one of the winners of the trivia contest. YAY! http://www.muzikmafia.com/gonecountrytrivia.php

Catch y'all soon, hopefully with better news about W. Now off to bed. Gonna be another long day tomorrow.


Missy said...

I'd be concerned and bitching up a storm to his doctors, but that's just me. Over react and then calm down. LOL Hope things are going better soon!!!

This is Sheep Tap said...

I remember when I did anesthesiology billing that they sometimes did a procedure for women after childbirth who had those spinal headaches where they sucked some spinal fluid out or something to relieve the headaches. Can they do that for him?

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Well, best of luck, I hope the procedure gives more relief as time goes by. As for the headache, oh MAN - When I had knee surgery I got a spinal block and I had never had a migraine until after that. Unbelievable pain. Tell W we get it and we're prayin'.