January 25, 2008

My lovely friend Missy gave me this on her blog....so now I get to pass it along. Which means all kinds of technical linky link stuff, so bear with me if I get it wrong. And if the links don't work, they are all on the left over there, so you can use them.

Here are the rules:
Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about Blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

Missy is first, obviously. I love seeing the pictures of her various knitting and other crafty projects, and she's somewhat inspired me to learn how to knit, because I want to knit myself a pair of super soft super warm socks. I've not done so yet, but maybe someday. We are fellow Big & Rich fanatics, to the extreme, because we have our own separate blog about them!! (and she always beats me to the news posts, darnit)

Jen in Montana. I love her stories about her various travels around the world. I relate to her struggles with life, work, etc. She's just tried her hand at knitting! (is this a theme???) I've known Jen online for years, long live Mauve Brigade and IgorMud!

Jenn in Tennessee. (I had Georgia first, but she just moved!! Another great gal I've known online for a long time, from the same place, Igor. She's a Canadian transplant who moved to the States to be with the love of her life. I love the stories about her hubby and the dogs. She never fails to make me chuckle.

Andrea in Canada. Again, I've known Andrea since forever, through Igor. She got me hooked on that silly comic, Something Positive, and I still read it every day. She's brilliant. She's a scientist, or something, lol.

Andy! Andy and his wife write this blog, originally about life on the farm and their sheep and what not, but now there's tons about their adorable little baby. Now here's the real theme: I've known Andy forever online through Igor! He's an amazing photographer and he's absolutely hilarious. It doesn't come through on the blog, but he has an uncanny love for llamas. hahahaha.

Dooney! I met her online, but just through blogging, like Missy. I don't know her all that well, but I love her blog and the stories about her kids.

Okay, so there it is. Feel free to have at it. I hope the links work. If not, again, check the sidebar.

I came out of hibernation for this. Nothing going on worth posting lately.


Missy said...

Maybe with money and husbands permitting... we can meet up at a muzikmafia some night and I can teach ya how to knit socks!!! Thank you!!! You just made my day!!!

Laz said...

Thank you so much! How flattering :) *smooch*!

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Yay, thank you dear! *snuggles*