January 03, 2008

warning, oversharing about bodily functions ahead

Y'all that was probably the nastiest bug I've ever had the displeasure to spend time with. I mentioned the puking started at the end of last post. Well, I left work, shorty after that, desperate to make it home before more puking. I did, just barely. Seriously, I walked in the door, dropped my purse and cooler, threw my coat off on the way to the bathroom, said hey to Bubba (without eye contact or stopping even) and got to the toilet in time to hurl up the loveliest concoction of bile and spit. This feat was repeated throughout the night, accompanied by the worst heaves imaginable, I could not breathe while they were going on, their force was so bad. While I wasn't puking I was trying to sleep, but kept getting interrupted by the fierce need to poop. Only it wasn't poop. It was more and more bile. Straight liquid and by the time that susbsided my asshole was on fire. I would sit and poop, flush, turn around and vomit, flush. Lather Rinse Repeat. Poor Bubba and poor W. I finally collapsed in bed, with every single joint aching like mad, in my flannel jammies, a heating bed and two extra blankets because I was freezing. I was so dehydrated, but couldn't even manage to keep a swallow of water down. After fitful sleeping for a few hours, I was able to drink some water and take a motrin and it stayed down, but the pooping issue continued for a day or so. Last nite, I could have sworn I was in labor the gas pains I was having were so bad. My stomach was contracting so bad, I was literally trying to breathe them away like labor pains. Amazing how you can go from diarrhea to constipation in about an hour. Those finally subsided and TODAY I am finally feeling better. Two and half days of sickness. How long was W's dad sick? ONE DAY. And Bubba? About a day. I'M SO LUCKY!!! To his credit, W still doesn't feel back to normal, either, so I think I may be in for another bout, since it's possible we are passing it back around again. We're trying to sanitize the house and we haven't spent a night in bed together since HE got sick last Friday. I was on the couch first, now he is.

Anyway. Still no pictures updated. Haven't used the computer at home since like Sunday, I think. Almost caught up at work, but Boss2 isn't back from his 2 1/2 week vacation. Tomorrow will be hell, I imagine, as I'm expecting him then. Very unmotivated, considering Boss1 hasn't been around much, either.

Have a great weekend y'all. I'll be at the station a bit Saturday morning, then I absolutely must spend time and energy on the disaster area that has become my house. W got the tree put away yesterday, so our living room is back to normal. However the stack of Bubba toys and clothes and other Christmas rubble still abounds. Must dig out.


Missy said...

Sorry could not contain my laughter... it seems we must have spread the flue cyberlike. I could have written that post myself. I hope your feeling much better today!!! Get some rest this weekend... the mess wont go any where.

J. Cullinane said...

Hehehhe eegads!

You know, with all my experiences with myself and friends with "Bangkok Belly" in Thailand, it sounds like to me you had food poisoning. I'm sure if you ALL had it, it was the flu, but was there a chance you all ate the same thing as well??

Laz said...

Oh dear!! The stomach flu remains an all-time fear of mine, yecch. I'm glad you and your crew are on the mend now!