December 31, 2007


Hey ya'll. I really wanted to update before now. But shit happened. Like a road trip from hell back from PA. Took us 13 hours and I somehow drove 11 of it. W kept feeling too sleepy or dizzy or something, which was a portent of things to come. Seems he came down with whatever his dad had on Christmas Eve and spent Friday puking. The same evil whatever also hit Bubba at 4 am yesterday morning. Right now, I feel about five minutes away from puking myself, but one guess where I am? Work. Blah.

So about the car. It wasn't a surprise, because I had to sign over the title on my Stratus, which got pretty much nothing for trade in. But I have one payment left on W's truck, and the first car payment will be a few weeks after that. I'll try to get some pics, but see above. Very unmotivated. I haven't even upload the Christmas pictures yet.

I finally got to meet my niece, W's brother M's little girl, who he is in an ugly custody battle over. She's beautiful and such a good baby. Too bad she has a total witch for a mother. Their court date is Wednesday, and things should go in his favor, but you never know.

Overall, Christmas was great. Bubba got incredibly spoiled and was batshit when he realized Santa brought him exactly what he wanted. Considering Santa didn't FIND exactly what he wanted until oh, the 22nd. He was also pleased with the other stuff we scrounged up for him, not to mention all the goodies from the inlaws. We were totally crammed into my car coming home with everything. I got goodies, too, of course, and my favorite (aside from the car) was the big, fluffy, supersoft bathrobe, in guess what color, oh mud friends of mine! Noone else quite understood why I squeaked, OH IT'S MAUVE!!!! *sigh*

W also scored points with a little gag gift. I have a tendency to be watching something or other on tv and getting upset at the unbelievability of it and 'raising the bullshit flag.' Well, now I have a bullshit button, and it says five different bullshit sayings when you press it. I laughed out loud big time when I opened that one.

I froze my tush off in Pennsylvania, and am so glad to be back to my 60 and 70 degree weather. It's supposed to get cold here again, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my new sunroof in the car!!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday. Best wishes for a great New Year. 2008 here we come, may you be better than '07. For everyone.

ETA: minutes after hitting publish, the puking has commenced. pray i make it home.


Missy said...

Sounds like fun. We have the same crap right now. Not a happy camper around here either. Hope ya'll are feeling better soon!

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Yay for mauve bathrobe! Should've gotten the car in mauve too. *wink*

J. Cullinane said...

Oooh a mauve car. It's like a superhero car, like the batmobile!