December 04, 2007

As she says, "Eye Candy"

I stole this from Missy's Myspace, because I just had to. The tenth pic, of John and Kenny smiling huge is my favorite. I think. There are some awesomse shots of them both in it. I'm so totally drooling. The slideshow is from their video shoot for "Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace." Missy, I think this might be more appropriate for the Mafia page, huh? Oh well, it's here.

This is the one I mean.


Missy said...

Ahhh one of us will have to get around to posting it over there too. By the way... did you check out the you tube video's I posted on my blog the other day!!! YUM

ps... the man's smile could light up any room!!!

Missy said...

Check out this link