January 14, 2008

Oh Fark

My feedreader finally switched to it's new "BETA" version that I had been ignoring for a while, because I preferred the features of the "CLASSIC" one. Well, I no longer had the option to switch to the old version like I had been doing, so I was getting used to the Beta and things were going just fine. UNTIL: one tiny click too fast, and I deleted my ENTIRE BLOG FOLDER!!!!! I was trying to mark all the posts as read, but NOOO, DELETE FOLDER was the first option now, and BLAMO!!! I still have all y'all in there, and some other stuff, but fuck. I can't remember the stuff I had in there. So pissed off.


J. Cullinane said...

Ack! I'd go nuts!

I used to write my blogs in Word first and then paste them, but most of the time now I write them right into blogger, so losing stuff would truly suck. *COMFORT*

Missy said...

You just won an award on my blog... check it out!