September 02, 2008 is fun!!!!

Gustav won't affect us at all, however Hanna is headed straight for us at this point. Last I checked landfall would be south of us, which is bad. the northern end is normally stronger. However, if it stays as a Category one or two, we'll simply batten down and ride it out....stronger than a two, with landfall south and we're GONE. Life is in limbo right now, till we know what's up with this storm. I dread the thought of evacuating, I really do. I'll keep y'all posted.

We didn't go to the zoo over the weekend. We just stayed home, to let A recover a bit. In about six months to a year the doctors will remove his eye and fit him for a prosthetic. My brother is doing much better, but we're still pretty bummed out. We had a great family weekend, between just me, W and Bubba and some EVERYONE time, with my parents, brother and A. I got too much sun, not enough sleep and ate too much food. Good times.

Hope y'all are well.

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Missy said...

Poor little guy that really sucks.

I'll be thinkin of you guys. Hopefully the weather behaves for you guys. It's beautiful up here today.