August 27, 2008


I've not been purposely neglecting my blog, there just isn't anything worth blogging about. Work sucks. So insanely busy all the time, I rarely get a break. It's mostly immigration work which I'm so over, but I can't do anything since Boss2 loves it. We had it out a bit today, since he sided with a client who said I was rude/short/unprofessional. Whatever. She started it, and I'm sick of taking abuse from clients who don't want to leave messages for the attorney when I can't answer their questions. So yeah, I'm ready to go home for the day.

Bubba has been behaving pretty well, which is so nice. Some mornings I'm still really grumpy with him, but only when he wakes up insanely early and won't go back to sleep.

W isn't feeling good today, so I'm expecting a round of puking to sweep through the house, since not just one of us can ever catch it.

We have a trip planned to the zoo in Columbia with my parents, brother and nephew. So it figures, something that *I'm* looking forward to will probably get botched up with illness. Guess we'll just have to see.

We avoided the mess that was Fay, for the most part, and it remains to be seen what Gustav does. That said, yesterday was a messy, nasty day full of thunder and lightning and tornadoes in the area all totally unrelated to tropical stuff. Summer in the south, y'all, never a dull moment weather wise.

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Missy said...

That sounds like no fun. I hope you all feel better soon. You should be proud of me. I went and took the abuse. Have a great weekend. Any big plans?