August 04, 2008

family portrait

One of the advantages of a professional photographer in the family is great pictures. This is our newest, and I think only real, family portrait, taken at camp I think on the 5th of July. My husband is actually smiling, which is rare to begin with, and rarer still in pictures.

Our bedroom closet decided to implode last nite. We were both just about asleep when CRASH BOOM BANG, all the contents of the shelves, including jewelry boxes, on the floor, spilled. My dress clothes for work, on the floor, because the shelving unit had fallen to about a foot off the floor. So we have a new project, which I was NOT expecting at all. W went out for the wood to make better shelves, whatever else today. So I'll get schooled in home improvement again, as I learn how to hang shelves, etc. I swear we have a black cloud over us again.

I'm expecting the call about the family friend any day now. I'll be going out for the funeral, but probably not staying over, because there just wouldn't be room, and neither my parents or I can really afford a hotel room right now. The gas to and from is gonna be bad enough. Don't think Bubba will go because his behavior is too erratic after three plus weeks being spoiled by Grammy and company (not that they admit that of course.) W just couldn't handle the trip, and being up and on his feet all day so he'll stay home, too.

Will update soon if I can.

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Missy said...

Here's to wishing your black cloud away!!! Love the family picture!