December 29, 2008

Holiday pictures

Hey everyone! We had a great couple days, mostly due to the fact I didn't work for FIVE DAYS! I'll have a four day weekend this week, depending on radio station schedule, which has been pretty sparse.
Anyway, I wanted to throw up some pics from Christmas, and refer you all to Myspace for the videos because I'm too busy at work to take the time for the vids.

Nephew A with his new slipper socks! (Obviously the eye patch is because his prosthetic isn't fully 'installed'. Soon, tho. I think he looks awesome as a pirate!)

My mama watching (she would so totally kill me for posting a pic of her in the net.)

Bubba and HIS slipper socks, with Mom, A and my brother P in the background.

Bubba at home, Christmas Eve with his special jammies, waiting to open his present from W's aunt and uncle, which is one of three videos on Myspace.

My son the redneck, with his first .22 caliber rifle. He already has a BB gun rifle that he's really good at hitting targets with. Squirrels be on the run!

He asked Santa for this, and Santa at first thought it was a waste of money, but it's AWESOME! (oh, it's Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii.)

Outside, right before opening the shed for the big Santa gift (four wheeler), video also available on myspace, as is his first ride. Sadly, I have no still pictures of him on the four wheeler in his Santa jammies and huge helmet.

I know it's not real clear, but this is a close up of him with the helmet on, and I just love it.
Enjoy. Talk again soon. Happy New Year, in case I'm not back. I have NO plans except SLEEP, tho I'll probably stay up to watch the ball drop. Haven't gone out drinking in years.


Missy said...

It looks like you guys had fun. Will have to check out those vids on myspace. Hope you have a happy and blessed new year.

J. Cullinane said...

Bubba is soooooo cute. They look more excited to have slipper socks than we all did as kids. Of course, now that I'm old, I LOVE getting slipper socks!