May 29, 2008

Just checkin' in

Hey. Umm...nothing new going on here. Sure there are things I could gripe about, but what's the point? It wouldn't do me any good, so why bother?

Bubba got kidnapped by Nanny and K last night, for some much needed quality time for them. K is still not 100% after all her health issues, there was even a cancer scare to go along with everything else. But she's as well as can be expected, and missed him so off he went. I'll pick him up on my way home Friday night. I miss him horribly, the house is too damn quiet.

Bathroom basically done. I got it cleaned over the weekend. Our guy came to fix a few leaks to the new shower, and after a week or so of use, to make sure nothing is leaking underneath, he'll crawl under the house and do the last bit of work. I'm very tired of paying the man, that's for sure.

That's about it. Hope you all had a good Memorial Day Holiday. Ours was celebrated with charred meat and adult beverages and neighbors and the freezing cold swimming pool. Only the kids were brave enough to partake in the pool.

P.S. Happy Birthday (again) to my brother P. He'll tell you he's 29, but really, he's 35!!! Don't let him fool you. Cause there's no way he'll ever be younger than me.

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