May 05, 2008

Hot damn

That was a helluva show. The meet and greet was right before he went on stage, so we missed the opening act, but I had never heard of him, anyway. I obviously got my camera back there even tho they said we couldn't. The morning show duo was there and they made sure we were able to use it. What would be the point of a meet and greet without a good picture of it? House of Blues needs to lighten up a bit in that aspect. I got my station shirt signed, and he also signed the shirt we have for Bubba, which is really starting to fill up. I also took pics with my phone, but they kinda suck.

We were worried about having a place for W to sit since he'd never be able to stand through the whole thing. We talked to a security guard early on before going inside and he said if there wasn't any handicapped seating left after the meet that I should come back down and find him and he'd hook us up. And boy did he. We were in the balcony, which is where they have the handicapped seating, and he squeezed us in at the very end of the railing which was closest to the stage. So we were RIGHT THERE and could see everything. And they could see US! We got acknowledged by the drummer and the guitarist at different times. Even Jason gave us a nod and smile. Eye contact is awesome when you are an obsessed music fan like me.

The set list was great, he played a bunch of stuff from both CD's, especially my favorite from the second. 12 songs from his albums, and you would NOT believe what he encored with. I was expecting it to be Hicktown, his first smash hit, but he played that in his regular set. First the guitarists and the drummer came back out and jammed a bit, then Jason came back and did the classic "The Ride" about Hank Williams Sr, by David Allen Coe. Sounded fabulous. What really blew us away was how they then went into the chorus of Paradise City by Guns 'N Roses. Said they started playing that when they played clubs only. Next was another GNR, Sweet Child of Mine. Holy Moses it was unreal. The place went nuts. I wanted them to keep playing but that was the end. Below are some pics and I'll do some videos later.

Check out those eyes.

My darlin' hubby and Jason. He's holding Bubba's shirt that Jason signed.

A slightly drunk me with Jason, and W in the background.

The morning show duo, Blue and Korby Ray.

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Missy said...

That just goes to say that country music fans are open minded. I LOVE country music but I love Guns n Roses as well. That would have been a blast. Awesome!!!