May 08, 2008

The sweet smell of................

BIOFREEZE!!! Heck, I'm hurting. My thighs, my hips, my butt, my shoulders, even my back. The batch I put on this morning seems to have worn off already.

BUT WE WON!!!!!! It was very fun, no serious injuries and no hard feelings. It was a close game, and we prevailed. I almost clocked my boss with a line drive due to the stupid rule that we pitch to our own team. I hated that rule last year. Very few questionable calls considering we have no umpire. There's talk of another game soon, but ugh. It's hard to give up a night from the family considering I'm going to hurt for three days. And I'm so exhausted right now.

Hope y'all are having a good week. I'm ready for mine to be over.

P.S. I have pretty purple walls in the bathroom, and it's just the primer. Two coats of purple to come, then lighter purple trim. The floor would be next, and then the shower, he's hoping to be done by Wednesday. I have pics, but I'll wait to take more once the real paint is up.


Missy said...

sounds like you had fun. I can't wait to see your purple bathroom. Mine is icky yellow I'd love to paint it purple.

Missy said...

Where are these pictures??? ha ha Hope things are going well. I'm redoing my blog again. I'm a dork. I found a shout out boz to install. This could become a bad habbit. Think I should add one to the MM page? We'd probably be the only ones to use it. ha ha