October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y'all. I didn't get to go trick or treating with Bubba....I'm at the radio station. But I've been told he had a fantastic time down with my mom, and W gave out candy for a while at her house. Then Bubba gave out candy, and after having a treat from his stash, he fell asleep on the couch snuggling with my dad. How awesome is that?

Life is about the same. W still miserable, he hurts so bad all of the time. I see him going further and further downhill and it scares me. Still haven't gotten any settlement paperwork from workers comp but it's supposed to be in the works. We started the process for filing for disability, but haven't got anything finished yet. W is dragging his feet, but we have to get it in so we can get the process going, since they always deny, then we have to appeal, then wait after the second denial for a hearing. Then hopefully we win the hearing and can start getting the disability. Meanwhile, we have to keep our heads about water the whole time. Blah.

Not much else going on. Since I don't think W ever reads this, I can say that the in-laws are coming for a surprise visit next weekend for Bubba's birthday. My child will be FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!! Holy hell how did that happen?

We have a date night tomorrow night, so Bubba is sleeping over at G-ma's tonite and tomorrow. W and I are going to see Larry the Cable Guy, courtesy of the radio station. No meet and greet tho, which I'm a little bummed about. JW, the boss, is going to try to get Bubba's tshirt signed, which will be cool. Haven't run out of room on it yet, but it is starting to fill up.

K, I'm gonna sign off. Got a quarter plus left of this damn football game, then I can go to the grocery store. Planning on doing some heavy cleaning tomorrow, in advance of the inlaw invasion, which I can't tell W about, just have to pretend it's overdue (which it really really is.) Then our big night out. Got a smashing outfit for it, courtesy of Carmen at the office. She's been giving me a bunch of clothes she doesn't wear anymore, which is awesome, she has great taste in clothes and they all fit me well, too.

I scored a pair of brown dress boots at the mall today, for twenty bucks. And since I still had a gift card to the mall, I didn't technically spend any money! Woo!

Happy Haunting, catch ya later.

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Missy said...

Hey I like shopping that way. It's second best to free =) LOL

Happy Birthday to your little man. Doesn't that just make you feel old. It seems like I was just pregnant with mine and he will be 5 in April. Time flys too fast!