October 21, 2008

Ho Hum

Hey y'all. How are you doing? About the same here. Hasn't been much to talk about so I've kinda just avoided this place. Still reading every body, commenting here and there, but I'm just lying low I guess.

W's back is still bad.....waiting on settlement paperwork from worker's comp because they say there's nothing else they can do. We started to process for filing for disability, which is going to be long, drawn out and not easy. I know they'll deny him, which we'll then appeal, and then they'll deny again and we'll have to get a hearing which takes forever to get.

Bubba still isn't in preschool. I've heard they are working on the waiting list and getting kids in, but so far, no word for him. He has until March.

I've been working way too much. Between the office and the extra shifts I'm pulling at the station, it seems like that is all I do. Then of course I have endless amounts of chores at home.

We are still addicted to the Wii. Bubba has so much fun with it and honestly, I do too. We love to do the fitness challenge every day and see how our age changes. I also got W and Bubba both hooked on Monopoly on Pogo. Such a fun filled life we lead....playing video games and watching TV is pretty much what we do at home.

Ok, the office work all piled up is calling to me, I just don't wanna answer it (but I have to.) Hope to hear from y'all.

Happy Halloween, since I don't know if I'll be back by then. Bubba will be going to G-ma's with W because I'll be working at the station.

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Missy said...

It REALLY sucks that they make the process of diability so hard. I understand why but it really sucks. I hope things go smoothly for you guys. =)