November 04, 2008


Not that I'm such an influential blogger that people will read this and run out and vote or anything. But really, if you're reading and haven't voted, please do so. I waited in line for about an hour after registering. Wasn't so bad. I couldn't go after work because I have to be at the station, and have to have time for dinner and such. W will try to go after his doc appointment, depending on Bubba's behavior. I did find out that he can get curbside assistance, since he cannot wait in line that long. Hopefully that works out.

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Missy said...

I'm going after the little man goes to pre-school. We will see how fun this is with the little one in toe. Glad your hubby wont have to wait in line. I'm sure that would be uncomfortable. You go girl. Way to live out your american rights!!!