November 18, 2008

car update and miscellany

Well our deductible is 500 bucks. Good thing I have enough in the savings to cover that. I keep reminding myself it could have been worse. Initial estimate on my car is 1,654 in damages. Don't know about the other vehicle, it wasn't badly damaged at all. After talking to Boss1 about the ticket, we requested a continuance on the court date, instead of our usual procedure of requesting a jury trial. He'll go to the new date and negotiate a lesser fine for us. If he can knock about half of it off I'll be happy, well not as upset.

My rental car is pretty sweet. A 2009 Chevy Impala. It's like a gunmetal blue/grey. The seat is a bit uncomfortable and I already miss my Caliber. Hoping to have it back by the end of the week. I keep forgetting to take camera to work, but once I do I'll upload pics of the damage, because of course I took some. Boss2 wants to borrow my camera so I'm supposed to take it in tomorrow.

Hanging at the station for a BobFM remote. Do any of y'all have BobFM? I love it. An example of the play list, and this is just from what is coming up in the next half hour:

Stone Temple Pilots
Fleetwood Mac

Had some Aerosmith and Eagles before that. As far as I know, these BOB remotes will be the majority of my hours now that NASCAR is over. At least one more football game this Friday. If they lose it's over, and if they win, I won't be around for the following weeks game. I am getting a voicetrack shift for this Sunday, which I'm not sure when I'll tape. I'll either have to come in early to do it before the football game, or stay late and do it after. I could also just come in on Saturday and Sunday to do it, but that would kinda ruin the first full weekend off I've had in forever.

Hoping to finish off Christmas shopping before we go up to PA. If not, I'll have time during my week to myself to try to get some done. That's probably when I'll get some Bubba stuff done, plus search for some new clothes for me. I'm still in need of warm weather stuff, it's gotten so damn cold here.

Well, almost time to do the last break, then head home.

Oh yeah, Bubba and I have been playing Guitar Hero a bit this week. He lost Wii privileges for some unimportant issues, not sure it makes much sense to allow Playstation, but we're doing it. He's getting a little better, but still doesn't do great. He has a lot of fun though. I, however, amaze myself with how well I do, even though my fingers HURT when I'm done. I'm playing on easy, and my career is about half done. I battled Slash of Guns 'n' Roses last night and then played Welcome to the Jungle with him, it was kinda awesome. May try to advance to medium, if we keep up playing. We haven't played in forever, and once the Wii is back, we'll most likely stick with it. I finally bowled a perfect game on the Wii. Took me long enough, but I'm glad I finally did it.

Okay, I'm really done now. Talk to y'all later.

Missy, you ok? You've been a bit quiet.

p.s. haahhahah, my blogger ad right now if about traffic tickets!!! hahahahahaha.

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Missy said...

Glad to hear that you don't have a HUGE deductable, and that you can get your boss to try to get the fines down. I'd be livid. Your hubby is lucky he's married to you and not me!!!

Sounds like your BOB station plays cool music. We don't have anything like that here, but they play retro country on sunday nights. Love listening to that.

Damn woman! Your Miss post a lot lately. That's my job! LOL I haven't logged in blogger for ever!