June 21, 2007

busy busy

I didn't mean to let almost two weeks pass between posts. I've been slammed at work, and busy at home, as well.
W and Bubba arrived safe and sound last Sunday morning. Things are back to normal as far as scheduling, but he's still kinda fussy about bedtime, he stays in his room babbling, singing, and generally not going to sleep until almost ten or so. Bubba boot camp has progressed, we're dealing with normal three year old behavior. He talks back, smart mouths, tantrums. We're working on it, just don't know if it will actually do anything.

Jeez, I don't really have much to talk about. Hopefully going to be seeing my brother and nephew this weekend. I have a full day at the radio station on Saturday.

Still planning on the trip to PA for the 4th. We've hit a snag on dog care, tho, because our neighbors we'd hoped to do it will also be going up to PA, but are leaving a few days later than us. Which means we'll have to ask the other neighbors and they did a shitty job of it in December.
W had another MRI last week, in hopes of trying to find some cause for all his problems. They seem to be multiplying and it's more than just the pain issue. He went all the way back up to Florence yesterday for his followup appt. only to be told the doctor was called into surgery and after waiting almost two hours, they just rescheduled him. It's a good thing I didn't go this time, because I get really pissed off when stuff like that happens. We're feeling so helpless at this point, because they keep telling us there is nothing else they can do. Neither one of us can deal with all this much longer, and the thought that this is how he'll be forever is absolutely terrifying. I just don't know what else to do. I see him deteriorating and can't do anything to fix it. Gah!
Well, I've gotta get some work done before the boss' show up, or I'll be all behind again. If something post-worthy comes up, I'll be back soon.

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