November 20, 2006

Boring posts are back!

Friday was a 'daddy' day for Bubba. He stayed home from the sitters to goof off with W. They stopped by the office for a surprise visit, did some shopping, and just had a fun day. Then we went out to dinner, for our anniversary and we pigged out on pizza.

Wow what a weekend. Went shopping all day with my mom and dad on Saturday and then worked a bit that night. I got two new outfits for work, drastically on sale. Plus a few gifts. W had been hunting, home just in time for me to go to work. Work was boring, I didn't pay much attention to the race, I just read blogs pretty much the whole time, once I finished taping my shift. Did I mention, I have a new timeslot? No? Well I do, from 8 to midnight every Sunday. I won't be pre-empted by Nascar, especially now since the season is over.

Sunday, W and I went shopping some more with Bubba, and started all our Christmas shopping. Our Christmas Club money went into the account, finally, so we could finally start. We got a large amount of stuff done, maybe ten more people to do for. I just hope we don't run out of money. It's a good possibility we will, but we may work it out just fine.

Once we finished shopping, we got home in time for lunch/nap for Bubba and then the last race of the season. I actually got to sit and enjoy it, because Bubba slept through the majority of it, and Daddy was on duty for the rest. Once it was done, we played with some of his new toys from his birthday and did bath and bed. It was a really nice day.

There's a sleepover with G-ma planned for tomorrow night because W has his second (third) opinion on his back, two hours from home at 8:00 AM!! Not looking forward to that drive on Wednesday. Then I'm off Thursday and Friday from work, for Thanksgiving. We did a petition at worked that the big boss approved and the day after Thanksgiving is now a paid holiday! Most of us took it off as a vacation day or without pay, and we were utterly shocked when he agreed to pay us all for the day from now on. So I'm only working two days this week at the office. SWEET! I have a few hours at the station on Saturday, and then back to the normal grind. I won't be having as many hours there now that racing is over, so my extra income from that is going to be miniscule.

Not much else going on. I've picked out my gift from my bosses for Christmas. A digital camera!!!! WOOT! They always spoil me, normally with a chunk of cash, but have always said if there was a 'toy' I wanted, to let them know and they'll hook me up. Last year I got a new office chair, plus cash. This year we really wanted a good digital and rather than ask for that from W's family, we asked them, and they said cool. So I've picked out a Sony Cybershot that will fully suit our purposes. (I should also still get a check, too, which will help.) I really just wanna be able to take lots of pics of Bubba and such, and the one I like will do that just fine. It will be neat to not have to develop film anymore. We can easily delete the ones that stink, and then get the good ones onto the computer for emailing/posting. I'm considering a Flickr account.

I'm exhausted, lately, all the time. I went to bed early last nite, and I guess I just didn't sleep well, cause I'm really really tired. It's getting annoying. My thyroid could be out of whack, too, and I'm gonna get that bloodwork done this week, even though it will have to get paid for with the credit card. Same with Bubba's three year pediatrician appointment, that I keep forgetting to make. Maybe I'll do that right now.

Ok, back to work, even though I'm pretty caught up again. Have a great week, in case I don't make it back. And Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate. I may try to do a "What I'm thankful for post" but who knows.

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Laz said...

Hey lady! I had a bunch to catch up on... When I'm out of the groove with posting I'm out of the groove with reading too :( But your vacation pictures looked great, and things seem a little sunnier for you too. Congrats on the camera, that's really fantastic and generous of your bosses! You'll have a great time wiht it, and there'll be tons more pics of Bubba ;) Hope your Thanksgiving is terrific and delicious and cozy.