November 27, 2006

Oy, I ate too much.

Thanksgiving was a blast! The boys played great together, a few meltdowns by one or the other throughout, but they had a wonderful time. We all ate way too much food, took our after dinner walk, then ate more. While W went off hunting on Friday, Bubba and I headed off to G-ma's again for our long standing, but lately, much skipped, tradition of making Mashed Potato Donuts with all the left over taters. It's a difficult mixing process, but lordy, the results are so worth it. We netted about 20 dozen, after sampling while still working on them. So good. And no, you cannot have the recipe, it's a close guarded family secret. hahahahah. I've never looked, but I imagine theres something to be found similar on the great world wide web. Muhahahah.

Down to ONE measly gift left to buy, for one of two bosses. I think I'll wimp out and buy him a hat for his favorite college football team. Last year I got them sports books. They liked them, but I don't think I want to do that every time, it will lose it's appeal.

I explained in an email to Laz about the Christmas Club, but if anyone else doesn't know, it's simple. You simply open a new account at your bank, if it's offered, and I imagine most do. It's just a separate account that you can put money in as often as you want, most are interest bearing accounts. So I tucked money away every week or so, all year long, and in the beginning of November the money gets transferred into our regular checking account. So off shopping we went, using our debit card. I didn't technically add the amount into our balance, but I kept track separately so I could know what I had spent Christmas wise, and not affect our meager regular checking account balance. Anyway. One gift left, barring anyone we've forgotten, and there's still enough left for a hat, should that be the way I go.

Work wasn't too bad to return to, umm, wait, lemme rephrase that. It SUCKED getting up this morning after being off since TUESDAY!!! What I really meant is that my desk wasn't as trashed as I expected because really, I only missed one day because we were closed Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday was W's new opinion appointment. Not much news came out of that appointment, other than he ordered the test our caseworker has wanted for a while now and noone would order it. We can't make much other decisions on what we are doing until after that test is done and interpreted. It may NOT be good, however.

Gotta go, someone in the lobby, and then off to lunch, I'm starving.

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