November 15, 2006

9 years

To W:

It's been nine years now since we've said "I do." I still love you as much, if not more than I did on that day. We've changed, grown, matured, together all this time. It's not been a totally smooth road, and we've had far more downs lately but there is very little I would change. In our darkest times, I hope you will always realize that I would stick by you through anything. We will persevere through all the issues with your back and everything else, and I hope we become even more dedicated to each other.

I may not be the easiest person to live with, and I have my faults, but who doesn't. I look forward to what the next nine, ten, twenty years have in store for us, as we raise our beautiful child together. It's a ripoff from one of our favorite movies, but I can't wait to grow old with you.

May our next year together bring healing, of your back, and other issues so that we can concentrate on each other and Bubba without the stress and drama. Again, I love you baby, and Happy Anniversary.

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J. Cullinane said...

This is sooooo sweet, and it gives me hope. I've never been very pro-marriage since they all seem to fizzle out, get boring, or just get plain ugly. Wonderful to hear yours is so strong! *sniffle*