September 25, 2006


Can anyone, and it's probably you, Jenn, tell me where the heck I'm supposed to put the Adsense code so ads show up??! I swear this is more trouble than it's worth. I see the part in the Template where there is a bunch of code, and when I try to put it there, it won't save the changes and says the code stinks. So where else am I supposed to put it, and it came straight from the Adsense site. I know how frustrated you are, Jenn. I don't know how much more time/effort I'm going to put into it.


Jennifer Goertzen said...

Yeah, that's the bug. If you switch to the template that I'm currently using, it should work. Other than that, I have an email in to blogger support and hopefully they will help.

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Actually though, lemme make sure you are doing this right :)

Go to dashboard, then layout, then 'add a page element', then 'HTML/Javascript'. Save changes, but before you log out, be sure to preview. If its not right just remove that page element. its weird because it is the exact same process for adding a site meter and that worked perfectly for me which is why I'm sure its a bug.

Beachgal said...

You are a genius, Jenn. Thanks so much. I swear I won't ask a bunch more questions.

p.s. I'll click on YOUR ads, if you click on mine?! lololol.

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Yay!! I'm glad it worked!