February 20, 2009

2nd time the charm?

I wrote a very lengthy post earlier and it got eaten by blogger....I will attempt again, but it's not going to be as long.

Not much has been going on around here, every day is the same, which leads to weeks/months passing at an alarming rate and nothing to show for it.

Things going on in the few weeks since I've posted:

I'm horrible addicted to Facebook. If you are my friend there, please join Pet Society and let my Furrball come visit your pet. I only have a few and would love to have more, besides I'm addicted to caring for everyone else's Pet for the points. Please join?

Also related to Facebook, I've found a long list of folks I went to school with back in the day, and we're planning a reunion of sorts this summer. I'm excited, and hope like mad I can make it up for it.

W's brother M and fiance (please tell me I mentioned they got engaged at Thanksgiving) announced a wedding date. October 3. So W and Bubba are officially in the wedding (I hope they are doing tuxes, I want desperately to see my little man in a tux) and I am awaiting my request from the bride. Gonna be an expensive trip, for sure.

My brother's little boy, A, is not improving, in fact he's getting worse, and my brother is just devastated. Long story short, he's got some rare condition, literally FIFTY documented cases, and it may be affecting his other eye, and ultimately destroy it, too. So he's gone from having lost one eye, to possibly the other one, as well. 30 surgeries later, he's worse off then when he started. Say some prayers for him, if you don't mind.

Tax rebate come and gone. Paid off one whole credit card, then we are having the remote starter installation finished up in my car, since W never did it. Anything left after that goes into savings so I can afford two trips to PA this year.

In laws are invading next weekend to finally do Christmas. End of February ain't so bad for that, huh?

Contrary to what I was told last year, NASCAR is back on the air at the station, so I'm pulling more hours at the station. I'm excited about it.

Finally, we have big plans for tomorrow, going out to the country, where I did the last wedding in September. Hopefully gonna be riding the four wheeler, but Bubba lost his privileges for some really crappy behavior the past two days so we may not be riding at all...I'm excited either way, because it's a day out, and I need one.

Haven't slept worth a damn all week, and I'm exhausted. Hoping to head to bed early tonite and take a sleeping pill so I feel better.....we'll see.

K, I'm outta here...If this doesn't post this time, I'm not redoing it. See ya'll and hope you are all doing well.

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Missy said...

oh no sorry you lost your post. I feel so bad for your little nephew. I'll be saying some prayers for him. So sad.

I am actually hearing the song too. I'm so excited.