April 05, 2009

fun for a change

Since I ended up being off from the station this weekend, we were planning a trip to a friend's house so Bubba could shoot his gun. Well, when she called to confirm, she mentioned fishing, and I went bonkers. They have a private pond to fish in, so we didn't need licenses. I rallied the troops and packed up and out we went, cause dammit, I needed to go fishing. We had a great time, Bubba got the best shot out of all of us with his gun, which totally made his day. And I caught the only fish, a nice sized blue gill. It is currently living in Miss Bonnie's little pond in the yard, since he was the only one we caught, he wasn't big enough for dinner.

Today I got up and cut the grass. It was jungle-ish in places. It rained and rained last week so the grass grew like crazy. Tomorrow night will have to be weed-whacking because I just ran out of energy. I've been loafing in front of the TV/computer since. Race has been on, but it's just about over, then dinner.

I've been horribly addicted to Twilight. Got the first two books in paperback, cause they were fairly cheap at Costco. Burned through the first book in one day, when I was off work and at doc appointments with W. Second didn't take much longer, but then I had a problem. I didn't wanna buy the hardbacks, and the next two aren't out in paperback yet. Luckily I had a friend lend me the next two. I finished the third Friday night and have just about finished the last. There are spots where I just could NOT put the books down, it's crazy. I am completely amazed, again, by authors that can create such vivid stories. I am not very articulate when it comes to my writing, obviously, I tend to keep it very simple. But even when in college and I had to write essays and such, they were never very good. Informative, yes, but creative, flowy and outstanding, no. Anyway, I love the whole series, can't wait for the movie (which I'm not supposed to know I'm getting for Easter! WOO)

K, time to make dinner with W, race is just about over. Have a great week y'all, I'll try to write more often, but you know how it is.


sparkly sheep said...

I made it through about 25 minutes of Twilight (da movie) before I wanted to gouge my eyes out. Fortunately, the Nyquil kicked in and I fell asleep instead.

Beachgal said...

I WANT to like the movie, I've heard good and bad. My bro said it sucked but first, he didn't read it, and second he's a guy. I KNOW this is geared toward girls and tweens, at that. But I couldn't resist the storyline. I'll let ya'll know once I've seen it.

Cabol said...

I thought the movie was bad. For me, that meant the movie was a bit better than the book, which was horrible. :)

J. Cullinane said...

I had a hard time getting into the first book at first, but once I was in, I couldn't put it down and finished it in a couple days. I loved it.

Then, after time passed, parts of the book started to bother me. The thing that always stuck with me the most -- was that Edward, although outwardly a teenager, really has the mind of a 100 year old man (similar to "Claudia" in Interview with the Vampire). Yet, he is insanely attracted/in love with a teenager girl. THAT is what kidn of sticks me in the side like a bad cramp. If you had the mentality of someone that old, would a 17 year old girl really be your true love, even if she did smell THAT good?

That said, I thought the movie was okay, and I'm going to start reading the second book next week :)