November 28, 2009

Some other pictures

This is from Bubba's school festival last weekend. This is Crackers the camel....they fed him animal crackers....even the camels.

Bubba and my dad on the camel.

This little bundle of adorableness is Bubba's best friend at school. She ran over to him and kept hugging him. We've heard oodles about her, and this is the first chance we had to meet they were parting ways, she hugged him again and gave him a big giant kiss. I about dropped dead.


J. Cullinane said...

Wow, super super super cute! Don't know who's cuter, Bubba or his bff. And i like his hair better a little longer, actually.

I also would rather call the camel "Cracker" instead of "Crackers."

Beachgal said...

I love his hair this length. just long enough to have to brush, but not too long.