April 05, 2010

new stuff/updates/etc

Hello hello. Been a busy little bee, and away from Blogger for quite a while, again.

We had another round of sickness run through the house, complete with pneumonia for Bubba, which entailed breathing treatments and antibiotics, but no hospital. We had taken him to the ER the week before for a really high fever and they told us it was a norovirus thing. That bill was ridiculous but I used savings to pay it off so it's taken care of. I had a wicked cough and respiratory infection type thing, was too stubborn to go to the doc and the cough stuck around for about three full weeks. I got really tired of coughing up green chunks. I did have my doc call me in a cough med with codeine so I would at least get some rest cause I wasn't sleeping worth a damn after two weeks of the cough. It didn't make me loopy or anything, but it kept the cough minimal overnight and I started to sleep better.

So the biggest update has to do with W and workers comp. Next Tuesday we will finally be settling with them relating to the wages aspect. Medicals get left open because of the drugs he has to take and other issues. Won't be open forever, there's just other technical stuff that has to happen before it closes. So we will be paying off a bunch of bills, sticking a large portion away for mortgage payments for the foreseeable future, and spending a bit here and there on stuff. We've discussed it and are gonna be making a list, prioritizing said list, and then WAITING! then slowly work our way down the list getting those things. Some are like trips to the dentist for me and Bubba which will be high on the list. Others include a new battery for the laptop, clothes shopping for me and Bubba. And other such stuff. This won't drastically change our lifestyle because the majority of the money has to get put away so we can pay the mortgage every month. But it will free up some money each month from the three or four things we're paying off that comes out of my income. SO. We're still waiting for disability, which could be a year before we even get the hearing. THAT isn't going to help much, either, because disability income is fixed depending on what a person has worked, etc. and it is OFFSET by a portion of his worker's comp settlement. So, it won't be much to live on, either. Again, it's very easy to say that this back injury has ruined our lives.

Bubba is still doing well in school. We ripped his room apart to get it good and clean because he seemed to be aggravated by something every night when sleeping and he'd just start coughing really bad. Last night was actually his first night back in there and he slept great. Now the fun part is keeping it clean.

It's high pollen season here in the South. Pine pollen is everywhere, leaving it's yellow ugliness where ever you look. On cars, houses, grass, even a layer on the ocean. We need heavy heavy rains to get it washed down, but none forecast till the end of the week. It lasts another month or so, too. Needless to say my allergies are driving me batshit, but it's better than the three weeks of coughing I had before.

Some of my favorite news to relate is that my sister in law, Mitch, is pregnant!!!! We are so excited. She and B told us over Christmas that they've been trying for a little while. Not sure when her due date is, but we are all so very excited for them. This will bring Bubba's cousin count to four, even tho one is in Japan and we never see her.

We spent a very interesting Easter weekend. Very very nontraditional, even by our standards. Food was grilled chicken, turkey filet mignon and potato salad. Then we went to the circus. We had a fantastic time. When we got home, more non traditional food, fried bologna sammiches.

The biggest stress going on right now is work related. There's been even MORE layoffs, too many rumors to count and it's finally official that we are moving. So not looking forward to the logistics of moving my files and cabinets and everything. It's a nicer building, but I won't have an actual office anymore and very little privacy which sucks. I believe the move date is the end of this month. I don't know if I'll have to give up a weekend to come in and do stuff, cause I am adamant about being involved with my files and cabinets so they don't get all messed up.

Well, I think that's it. Hope all is well with all of you and I'll see ya around.


Yankee Girl said...

Glad to hear that you are getting some where with all the gov. drama. It's about damn time!!!

We didn't do much this weekend but eat. My kids would have had a blast at a circus.

Congrat's Auntie!!!

Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

I have an award for you on my blog!

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