March 08, 2007


I haven't written a real post in forever....sorry. nothing really to talk about. Here's some things I need to rant about:

---Just because you get a fancy new cell phone, and spend hours fussing with all the bells and whistles doesn't mean the phone will ring more often. (I often wonder why I even have a cell phone, it's not like I have any friends calling to hook up.)

---Just because your husband gets an even fancier new cell phone doesn't mean he's going to answer the fucker when you call him. *ahem*

---Just because you eat pretty healthy for a good period of time, and start exercising regularly again doesn't mean that extra 10-12 pounds is just going to fall off. (wtf, I can't lose this weight!!!)

I really can't go more specific on some things I want to, because, well, I just can't.

W is slowly recovering, at least from the trauma of the last surgery. Still hurting in the same way as before. But, his hardware was not broken (I can no longer tell him he has/had a screw loose) and his fusion was actually fused, go figure. However, both of these things were supposed to be the cause of all his pain, so now what? He's itchy as all get out because they haven't taken the staples out yet. Last time, staples were out in a week, when he goes on Monday it will be almost three weeks. Gonna hurt like hell getting them out, since the skin is like growing OVER the staples. Ouch.

Bubba is still the most persnickety three year old on the planet. We are currently trying to drill into his head that, go figure, he needs to listen to things we tell him to do. And that hitting and pinching and such are not acceptable means of expressing himself. Which means, instead of time outs in the corner after a warning, he gets put straight into his bedroom for one. And then we get to listen to him scream his head off for however long, until he settles. THEN we get to try to explain to him WHY he was in trouble, and he, of course, promises never to do it again. The cycle repeats every 15 minutes to an hour. Every night. I'm not even going to cover bedtime right now. I'm hoping desperately that this is just another stage of development where he tries to send us all to the loony bin so he can sit and watch Bob the Builder all day by himself or something. We did have a decent morning this morning, for a change. I'm sure that just means tonite he'll be a total demon.

Work at the office still sucks. There's been drama about certain people clocking in too early, getting too much overtime, etc. etc. Whatever. Just an excuse for, no, wait, I'm not elaborating. Ya never know who might find my rants, and then I'd be in a world of hurt.

Nephew A is slowly recovering, but still no word on permanent vision loss. He's still getting put under anesthesia about twice a week for good cleanings to the eye, and tuesday nite they put a stitch in, to hold something in place on his actual eye. He had some kind of fluid graft I keep meaning to look up, and the glue they used to hold the graft in place slipped, necessitating a stitch. My brother is in good spirits, but getting quite worn out, and quite broke in the process. So just as a precaution, if any of you with children reading have a child diagnosed with pink eye, DEMAND to have a culture done ASAP because that culture makes a big difference on treatment. A's turned into a staph infection, and had they done his culture sooner, things MAY not have gotten as bad, but we'll never know.

okay, that should suffice for a good post. Hope y'all are doing well.


J. Cullinane said...

Hahah what are you trying to do, make me NEVER want to have kids!

*ahem* I'm sure he's very cute!

Laz said...

Hey girl! Sorry to hear your boy is being.. well, a boy :) I was just talking to Matt last night about how nice it was not to have to have to do the time-outs all the time anymore.. Good to know the good behaviour is also a phase :P Three must be a tough age, but what age isnt...