March 26, 2007

Ho hum

I was at the radio station for six hours on Saturday and didn't post.

The inlaws invaded briefly to come pick up W's dad. They had a surprise passenger with them, W's Uncle (specifically Grammy's sister's husband.) W goes hunting at his place, well used to, and we fished and other great things when we had the time. We stop in and see them whenever we're up there, but were NOT expecting him to come down. It was cool. The collective men that visited got up on my roof and finally took my Christmas lights down. They also spoiled Bubba rotten with more toys and clothes. No racecar bed, because we can't find it in the stores down here and M doesn't want to pay shipping or something. I don't know.

M also worked on our home computer for over two hours because I have some wicked kind of virus/downloader thing causing us some problems. He couldn't fully fix it, but promised to talk to his virus people at work. He works at a big bank and they have a great staff apparantly. He did what he could, and I've still been messing with it, but I can't fix it, either. Grrrr...

We pigged out on pizza Saturday night when I got done with work. That was a treat from Uncle.

Sunday, once they all cleared out, we (meaning me) reveled in the quiet and emptiness of the house. Then Bubba and I shipped off to G'ma and Papa's for some fun. We headed to the beach, I got sunburn, not bad, then had lunch, and a nap for him. Well, we all ended up napping a bit, with the race on. Mom and Dad napped for a while, I was only crashed for about 30 minutes.

My fantasy race teams are doing alternately dimsal and okay. It seems like every week, with 50 some laps to go, all my guys are doing great, then all of a sudden, they wreck or blow the engine or something. This time, three of them were out by the time I woke up from my nap. Oh well, we have fun cheering them on, all that.

Work is busy. I've been trying to get Boss1's tax info ready for him. This entails flipping through all the files from last year to figure out what each client paid in fees. I get the list together, and then have to round up the dozen or so files I can't put my hands on, hand it off to him and he takes it to his accountant. I've got six files on the run, most likely in his car because he's worked on them recently. I normally have this project done by the end of January or February, but it kept slipping my mind and I'm running out of time to have it done for him.

There was some drama involving a neighbor around midnite this morning, but I'm not posting about it. Enough to say, they didn't need this heartache on top of all the other crap they've dealt with. (It's not the neighbors from PA, but the others.)

I wish all the best to Jenn and Paul! Wish I could be there for y'all's big day! It's gonna be awesome and I can't wait to see pictures!

Ok, I gotta go. Work beckons, and I think Boss2 just got here, which means he'll be calling me and wanting junk. Catch ya later.


J. Cullinane said...

Sounds like you've been having a really nice, if hectic, time lately. Good for you!

But wait a minute, just NOW taking down Christmas lights? Girlfriend!

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Thanks, babe. I'll post the pictures as soon as I've got em, I'll be excited to show them.