April 02, 2007

Another Monday

Hello. I swear I've been meaning to post more often, but I'm either too busy at work, too tired or something else that keeps me from coming by. I'll try harder.

The biggest news coming out of the last week is that I am finally getting to go to a race. Next month, at Darlington. The group of folks I go to see in Charlotte all the time, well, not all the time, I haven't been in forever, but anyway, can't use their tickets. My dad goes with them every year to a few different races. So they told him to give them to me and mom! So yay! I am so excited! It's a night race, too, so it's gonna be awesome. W will have Bubba duties, and he's not too upset about not being able to go. The drive, the seats, all would work against his back and he wouldn't enjoy himself at all.

Nephew A is still improving, but they have discovered significant scarring, we just won't know the long term issues associated with it for a while yet. He had two surgeries last week and boy am I hoping he's done with them soon. Poor little thing.

We had a good productive weekend for a change. I only had a remote to work, no Busch race, so it was nice to be home. W cut the grass, I weed whacked edges and what not, and boy my arms are a bit upset with me. I've done it before, but not the whole thing all at once like I did this time. Naturally we did this all while Bubba was napping so we weren't distracted. Bubba woke up in time to have a quick go round on the tractor with W. He played outside most of the rest of the day, with the neighbor girls while we kinda had some adult conversation time. I had a pork roast in the crock all day, and finally got Bubba inside so we could all eat. He actually took two bites of pork!! He wasn't brave enough for the sauerkraut, though.

Still haven't lost any more weight, and I've been torturing myself on that damn machine at least four nights a week, at 15 minutes a pop. I'm a sweaty, huffing and puffing mess by the time I'm done, is it too much to ask for to get a little results? Ugh. I have been eating better, too, and have turned down many many treats and still, nothing. Keeping at it, even though I'm frustrated.

Umm..oh yeah, news on the back issue. W's caseworker called, with news that he is to go see someone else later this month, for yet another opinion. Something about the new surgeon reporting certain findings before surgery, but no follow up about them after. They want to get to the bottom of it all. My fear: they are looking for a doctor to say, "He's fine, send him back to work." I hope so much that I am wrong. He's seen this doc before, too, way back when we needed a 'second' opinion before the first surgery. I don't know...W is getting pretty down about all of it, and has given up hope of ever being normal enough to do anything productive. I don't know how to help him feel better. Because, honestly, I'm about to give up hope, too.

Bah, gotta get back to work. It's been a slow Monday, so far, but Boss1 just got in, so I'm sure that will change.

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Laz said...

Isn't it always such a victory when your kid actually eats some good food? I know the feeling exactly. Good luck with the W/caseworker/doctor situation. I feel like we've wished you all the luck in the world for this (and probably will again) and I hope some of it sticks ;)