April 23, 2007

work work work

Hello all! I've been a bit quiet, I guess just because I've been busy. Lots of stuff getting done at home, in preparation for summer. W got a load of sand dumped into the back of his truck, and guess who was the lucky person who got to shovel it all out! And then rake it all somewhat level so that we could put the pool up. Yup, it was me. It was awesome exercise, so I didn't really complain that much.

We put the ginormous pool up this weekend (bought with leftover tax money) after more raking of sand and measuring this and that. And, of course, it still is totally uneven, thanks to the unlevel yard and apparantly, unlevel sand distribution. Did I mention, that you couldn't tell it was so unlevel until it was 3/4 full? SO. We then hurriedly helped our neighbor put their much smaller in size pool together, and are currently draining OUR pool into her pool. Then we get to attempt to FIX our pool. I must also mention and that A and I did a wonderful job leveling her pool. W came over after we got it up, and were putting the finishing touches on it, and was skeptical that the same strategy would fix ours, but later admitted that it might. We just have to wait now for ours to drain enough.

Also yesterday we spent the morning outside cleaning the vehicles a bit. Well, Bubba and I did my car, vacuuming the inside, and wiping down the dash and stuff. He was a great help, had so much fun, using a wipe on the doors and whatever. He's too cute. W put some treatment thing on my headlights because they were all dull and he was obsessing with them being fixed. Some kind of sandpaper/wipe on/wipe off treatment, and I must say, they look much better.

What else. G-ma went up to see my brother yesterday. I thought about taking Bubba along, but we decided to stick close and got all that stuff done at home instead.

I worked at the station Friday and Saturday nights, but didn't post. Friday I was catching up on blogs, and Saturday I was paying attention to the race for the most part, and playing Pogo as well.

Ok, that's about all that's going on. Still frustrated. Still broke. Two days until the neurosurgeon appointment. We are praying for some answers and I don't know....some way to get him fixed I suppose.

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J. Cullinane said...

Good luck on that upcoming appointment! Keep us posted. I'm really hoping for some good news.