April 16, 2007

Softball and it's aftermath

Softball was awesome. Rather than a whole blow by blow of the evening, I'll mention the high points. Got there early and warmed up, thinking it would keep me from hurting afterwards. (hahahahahah.) Did lots of stretching and easy throwing, before pitching batting practice. Once everyone showed up I did MORE pitching, then took some pitches myself for practice. I got ahold of one good ball in practice, and nailed the unfortunate person who was pitching to me in the leg. He has a bruise, the size of the entire softball. But let's just say if he hadn't swiveled around, he probably wouldn't be having any kids in the future. That was the best ball I hit all night.

We finally got things started, and we were quite impressive our first at bat. Also our first round in the field was good, too. It went back and forth, and in the end we lost, but there were technical issues, and yadda yadda yadda.

The guy I nailed with my hit also fell face first while running to first base. He's not a very athletic fellow, and is a bit on the heavy side. He has a few cuts on his face, along with another bruise from where he got hit with another ball. The receptionist also fell on her way to first base, but was fine....a little road rash. We were playing on artificial turf, picture indoor/outdoor carpeting, and that's about what the fields were like. Very aweseome. Oh yeah, my boss, the one with one bad knee, now has two bad knees. He had a designated runner, after not being able to run well the first time at bat, and his next at bat he smacked a ball great, to the wall. I was coaching the kid around the bases and once he made it safely to third, I turn around and there Boss is on the ground at home plate. He was pretty much done after that. He did some pitching and base coaching, but not much else.

Basically, we had an absolute blast, and I can't wait to do it again. However, I will totally need to prepare better because OMG I was hurting so bad. Didn't feel so bad on Wednesday, but come Thursday, I wanted someone to shoot me. My legs were killing me, it hurt to walk, sit, stand up, EVERYTHING! Today is the best I've felt since. We were joking about maybe getting a little too old for this kind of activity, but maybe we are.

I have more posts on the way, including some pictures!

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