April 29, 2007

Various and Sundry

W's doc appointment really didn't get us anywhere....This guy basically just said he needs more time to heal from the second surgery and he wouldn't suggest more surgery at this point. So we are still in the same boat we've been in for way too long...Wait and see. He sees the pain guy on the 7th, which will be another waste of time. Doesn't see the 2nd surgeon again until June. Sigh.

The pool is up and good and level. Still can't get in it, because the water is absolutely freezing. Another week maybe, once we can maintain good 80 degree days.

W's mom, sister and brother were in town for the day yesterday. I was at the station all day. While W and his brother did one thing, Grammy and L took Bubba shopping as a distraction. They were mainly in town to pick up all our baby furniture for M. Since they were taking Bubba's bed, which will convert back to a crib, they bought him a racecar bed. Not the Lightning McQueen one, but an awesome bed just the same. So they put it together and when Bubba came home, he had a big surprise...he loved it. I missed the unveiling, but they saved all the decals for me to do, which I'm not sure was a good thing. I got them all on, probably not very straight, but at least they are on. It takes up a lot more space and we have to rearrange his entire room, again. His dresser is currently in the spare bedroom. Not good. Eventually, we will get him a good dresser and a bookcase and be okay. Right now there is a small dresser, another kind of dresser and a bookcase topper thing, hard to explain. He has so many books (which is a good thing) they are spread out over the small dresser and topper.

We've got a softball rematch scheduled for the 8th. Should my team lose again, I don't think we'll ever hear the end of it around the office. I'm looking forward to it, I just don't wanna get so sore and hurt for a week again.

I've got a long road ahead of me the next few weeks. I got talked into working Sundays (this and next) at the station because the normal guy is out of town. What that means is my next day off is May 12. I am always so exhausted to begin with, and now I get to add more guilt over the fact that I'm spending MORE time away from W and Bubba on the weekends. I'm falling behind around the house with cleaning, and all the other chores. Ugh.

Let's top it all off by letting you know about the newest houseguests we have. No, not a cuddly kitten, or rambunctious puppy. Not even a furry ferret (which I would *love* to have someday.) No, we've apparantly become the new hangout for a band of hungry MICE! W found a chewed up poptart in the box this morning, along with a few fun poop deposits. So there I was scrambling around before coming to work at ten a.m. moving all the stuff around in the cupboards and trying to discover more damage. I thought we got off light, until I found a Ramen noodle package totally chewed into and munched on. And a bag of rice got a little munched. Also lots of poop. We had mice when we first moved in, almost 8 years ago, and apparantly they've found us again. I fixed up the blocker we've had in place under the sink, a towel wedged around the sink pipes that go underneath the house. Hopefully that's all it will take. Oh yeah, they totally avoided the fricking MOUSE POISON! Go figure. I took a bunch of pictures, of course, and will post them tomorrow from the office if I can.

All right, 50 laps to go in my favorite race, so I am off to pay attention. Have a good one y'all. I'll check in soon.

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J. Cullinane said...

What a PERFECT excuse for getting a kitty! Everytime I have ever lived anywhere that had mice, I have always been the only person NOT to get them (go killer kitty, go!).

Back in NYC I once opened my desk drawer to find a tidy, shredded nest nestled in the back! My, they're quick! Or I'm unobservant.