April 16, 2007

Birthday party

Bubba had his first invite to a party for R's daughter, C. (I work with R.) They held it at a place called Jammin' Jumpers. It's an old warehouse building, they've got like a third of it, and there are like five of thouse bounce house things set up. You know, the big, plastic things, that are constantly pumped full of air, that the kids get in and bounce around in? There were ladders to climb up, and then slides to comes down. The parents got to play, too, and lemme tell you, I think R's fiance had more fun than most of the kids. Bubba was all over C when we got there, it had been a while since they had played together. She favored him over all the other kids there, too, it was so sweet. She wouldn't let anyone else sit beside her when it was time for cake, she told them, "No, that seat is for Bubba!" Most of the pictures are blurry, because, of course, they weren't standing still very much. Cake was really good, she got a bunch of girly presents, and I don't think anyone left with more than some scratches and rug burn.

Some pics:

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