November 19, 2009

hey everyone.

So I've been MIA a long time again....gonna try to change that. But for now, let's play catch up.

So probably the biggest thing in the past few months was birthdays. Me, W and Bubba. Bubba is now six. We never had a formal party, we had cupcakes on the day, we gave him the giant Nerf gun he'd been asking for, knowing that weekend, the inlaws were coming and we'd have the party then. So the inlaws come, and Bubba gets sick. AGAIN. See we'd all been through some kind of illness, starting with me and puking, and fatigue, and chest infection. I spent a day at the office puking, afraid to go home and miss work, for reasons I'll get into later. it was a wonderful few weeks with alternating people being sick, and we thought we were done, until the Friday the inlaws arrived. Maybe it was just too much excitement, but there was more puking, and the inlaws left early. fun fun. he was bouncing off the walls the next day, tho. He was very excited to receive all six Star Wars movies, and the day they all left, we watched three of them. Soon we will watch the rest. Other notable birthday gifts for Bubba includes a plethora of Bakugan. I resisted this craze with him as long as possible. Now we're flooded with the stuff and I HATE IT! But what can you do.

School is going well with him. He's had a field trip, another coming soon, fundraisers, etc. Had a parent teacher meeting, which W handled, so I didn't have to miss work. Got a good report and all is well.

So work has been crazy, both at the station and the office. Big layoffs swept through both places, we had a fire (minor) at the office in the middle of the night a while back(suspiciously right AFTER a group of layoffs.) I'm afraid to miss work for any reason, and am terrified of getting sick again. Bosses assure me there is no way I'm in any danger, BUT that doesn't take the fear of walking into work and not having a job anymore go away. Also, the rat bastids that rule the office with their petty issues and such finally succeeded and blocked facebook. And tho it's upsetting, we can't fuss about it, or risk the ire of those that rule, blah blah blah. Couple all that with not knowing how many more layoffs on the horizon, cause we know there are more. Two girls that I thought were safe obviously weren't. We no longer get day after Thanksgiving paid off, we have to either take it without pay, work or use vacation. Which leaves me just enough for Christmas I think. Radio hours will be drastically cut, now that football is over and we haven't been running any i have a set two hours a week, plus whatever else might pop up. With the personnel changes at the station lately, I don't dare complain. They are fighting budget issues, too, but I should be low enough on the pay scale to be ok.

On a GOOD news front, I got to go out with my dear friend Arlene, and my daddy to see James Otto at the Beachwagon. We had a fantastical time, and the booze was flowing, but I never got was an absolutley fabulous show. I'd add pictures, but since I can't get into facebook and the pictures are on the laptop, and I'm at work, I just can't. So I'll try to update with them later. We're going to see Jason Aldean this weekend, riding the "party bus" that the station put together, so we don't have to drive. It's in Florence which is about an hour and a half away. At first we didn't think we'd get the tickets from the station because of how few they were given, but they got a second batch in and I finagled a pair. I am not asking about meet and greet because we met him last time, but if the opportunity appears, we'll take it. W is just as excited as I am for this show, ever since the last concert ended I've wanted to see him again. This is the first chance we've had since.

W is planning on going hunting after Thanksgiving. Got the license, and other stuff in line for that. One of the neighbor guys who has been working out of town will be able to ride up with him, so that makes me feel SOO much better..he can help drive, help W stay awake when HE's driving and all that. Don't know about the way back, but there's two weeks to deal with that. Bubba will be cared for after school by Arlene, until I get home from work.

Christmas shopping is basically done. I need to get the bosses done and some odds and ends like stocking stuffers and what not. W and the siblings all pitched in to get their mom and dad a Wii, and then the brothers and mom and dad all pitched in to get the sister a computer. My brother and I went together to get our mom and dad bicycles, which incidentally, they picked out and we dropped off yesterday. We wanted them to have them early, since we'll be going to PA this year. Not looking forward to the drive, but the actual time up there will be nice. I'm going to try very hard to hook up with folks from school, since W will try to do some hunting again, and I'll have a full week to do whatever. Unless of course, I run out of vacation time beforehand and we have to come home earlier. We shall see.

My mom and dad are now BOTH unemployed...mama for almost a year and a half..papa off and on since july or so. he's had some temp work, but that's dried up now, too. they are struggling, which sucks, because I can't help them enough.

Let's see, what else. Anything that y'all wanna know about? I will try to be around more. Hope all is well with all of you...Missy if you are around and just not posting, drop me a line. I'm a little worried about ya, haven't heard from you in forever.

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J. Cullinane said...

Wow, what an up and down life you're going through atm. I'm glad you at least have some happy to keep you afloat. It will get better, sweety :)