December 28, 2009

Christmas vacation

The weather sucks, it's cold and snowing. W trying to do some hunting, with little luck. I have been sick since we started driving up on Wednesday and still feel awful. My poor kitty cat, who was in failing health when we left, figured he'd up on die on me when I'm gone and I couldn't say goodbye and tell him how much we love him. I am so incredibly sad, I wished he had held on till we got home. Christmas itself was nice, with lots of family time, some very thoughtful gifts and the food was exceptional.

More snow expected tonite, on top of the two to three we already have...I plan on getting up to help my father in law with the clearing, since he has no business being out there alone if at all. W got stuck at little brothers because the driveway here is a mess and the car wouldn't make it...he's promised to come get me so I can meet up with a few folks from home for lunch. If I didn't have someone to drive, I would not be able to go because I can't drive in the crap because I never have. Won't risk my car. other plans for tomorrow include sled riding, chuck e cheese and a movie with my favorite sister in law. Will finally get to go see New Moon. yaayay! She's not read the books, but got the first movie for Christmas and will see the second one, too. Then I gotta get her reading them so we can try to see the others together..i also want to see Sherlock Holmes.

at some point i'll get pictures up here, more selective from the group i put on facebook...too out of it right now took a sleeping pill so the cough won't keep me up. would much rather the cough just go away.

Hope you all are doing well. Talk soon. If you're on vacation, share your stories, and I'll have more later as the fiasco of all we're trying to do tomorrow unfolds.

Here's my darling Jack, Jack-a-bear, fatboy Jack, and finally, "Hairstylist Jacque" (because he loved to bury his head in our hair and rub and lick our foreheads and all that. was very soothing) Farewell my friend, meet you under the Rainbow Bridge someday. Say hello to Tigger and Amos and Ghost and all the rest.

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Missy said...

just reading up on your blog. I've so missed reading it. Love the pictures w/James and Trent. Yummy thanks for the eye candy. Take care