July 19, 2010

another long overdue update

Wow, it's a been a while. I get so wrapped up in day to day that I totally forget I have a blog that needs attention. Oops.

So. Updates. Sister in law Mitch is doing ok, after a brief scare with the pregnancy. She was on bedrest for a while with placenta previa, meaning the placenta was way too low and blocking the cervix. She was off work for a few months, but is back to work now. They also found out that the baby is a girl!!! They have a name picked, and my nickname for her shall be Bree. Can't wait for her to get here!!

Bubba finished school with flying colors, and starts first grade in like a month. We're thinking about signing him up for flag football, cause it's relatively inexpensive, and not contact. He needs SOMETHING organized to do and I think it may give him better discipline. We shall see. He's been sporting a mohawk since just after school got out. He's not happy when I tell him he has to have it off for school.

We enjoyed back to back vacations. Small ones. First to family friends just outside of Charlotte, NC, but still in South Carolina. Lots of pictures on Facebook from that one. Lots of good food, drinks and fun in the sun and pool. Got to see my best friend, K, of the infertility struggle and then twins from Ohio, along with her sister and mom. It's all pretty much her extended family but we all grew up together on the same block or so back in Pennsylvania. BobbyK, the host, was always like an extra son for my parents. Miss everyone already. We also got bad news a few days after that trip regarding K's mom. She hasn't been feeling well, bad cough, short of breath. It's been determined that it's inoperable cancer, in lungs and chest. While the doctors intend to treat it, they don't believe they can fix it completely, just simply buy her some time. We are all devastated. So any extra prayers her way would be greatly appreciated. We're even more grateful now that we had that week with everyone.

My brother and A made that trip as well, and it was the first we've seen them in a while. A is still having his ups and down health wise. Another situation that the doctors can't fix, just buy time. It's taking a toll on my brother, especially since he doesn't have custody and his evil ex is just that, evil.

Second trip was over fourth of July weekend, we drove up to PA for camping for W's mom's birthday. I got to fly home on the 5th, while the boys stayed up for two weeks...they just got home last night. The quiet just about drove me insane.

And the biggest news of all is that we did get settled, partly, with Workers Comp. While it hasn't drastically improved finances, I don't have to worry about having money for the mortgage. Also, believe it or not, we got a hearing date for disability, which is later this week. I'm a wreck about this one, because the outcome of this pretty much determines our future....if he gets it, we have money coming in from W which will greatly improve the finances. If denied, I think we can appeal, but not sure yet. W is meeting with the lawyer today sometime.

I haven't been doing much at the station. I have a standing gig on Thursday nights at an awesome bar where BOB FM does bingo, and instead of being stuck at the station to broadcast the breaks, I actually get to be at the remote and help out and goof off. We have a great time, and most of the time I don't even drink.

Ok, I must get back to work. We survived the office move, but it was insane. I do like my new space, just don't like that I gave up an office with a door. More space, LOTS more room, but I'm right next to the front door and I have to help on the phones more than I used to before. But I'm still getting a paycheck so I really shouldn't complain. I hit the 10 year mark at this place this week. And it will be the first year in ten that I won't be asking for a raise.

Catch y'all later and hope all is well. Missy, I'm so glad you are on Facebook now!!! Keep in touch with it, k!?


Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

sad to say that it took me this long to find your post. I haven't checked bloglines in 2 weeks due to facebook. Hope every thing goes well with your hearings. Doesn't sound like fun.

J. Cullinane said...

What happened with all the disability hearings and such???

Beachgal said...

Oh, yeah, sorry for not updating.....he was awarded full disability. so he has a monthly check, and we get a check for bubba each month as well.

J. Cullinane said...

OMG, HOORAY! What a long, annoying fricking haul, but a good reward at the end. SOOOO happy for you!

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