September 13, 2007

What's that strange sound?

Oh yeah, it's SILENCE!!! And I don't mean from me and not posting forever, but in my house, because there are not SIX extra people in it. And an extra dog, who did NOT get along with my animals at ALL! One of my dogs went to the vet after a minor scuffle. Then my one cat, you know, the one with the claws, shredded the visiting dog's nose and face. Why? Because the stupid dog didn't get the clue that when a cat is hiding under the bed, and is growling at you, it might NOT be a good idea to get all up in her face. This is after my non-clawed cat beat the hell out of the dog, too, and bit her ear. Who said dogs were the smarter species??

Anyway. The inlaw invasion is over, they are home safe and sound and no permanent damage was done. By the end of the week, nerves were frayed and everyone was getting snippy, so it was good once they left. We did tons of stuff in the evenings, Bubba stayed up late all week, regardless of my objections, of course. I ate way too much junk food, way too often. I don't know how I didn't gain ten pounds.

Work is crazy and I would love to write about this crazy case we took that keeps snowballing into more craziness, but I just can't. Maybe when it's all settled, which won't be a while considering all the aspects of it.

W has been down in the dumps again. We've not been fighting bad, until he blew up the fricking computer at home. Joint effort got it up and running again, but not before some ugliness. I've been telling him and telling him to quit downloading so much junk, but he never listens and then gets pissed when the computer goes kaput. Damn thing is only a year old. But it's all fine now.

His next appointment is Monday, but it's with the shrink he has to see before following through with the next step. Which, hope against hope, is going to relieve pain in his back, but we just won't know until it happens.

Bubba finally got a haircut. He kept telling us he wanted to let it grow, it was getting pretty shaggy, and he finally said we could cut it, and we quickly ushered him into the bathroom and buzzed him up good. He looks so much older. OH! He's getting FRECKLES!!!! Some very light ones under his eyes and on his nose. Thought it was dirt at first, but no, cute, adorable little freckles. He spent a lot of time at the beach with the inlaws, and even smothered in 45SPF the sun still got him freckles, and I LOVE THEM!!!! But don't call him freckle-face, he gets mad. Freckles alone is ok, but not freckle-face.

I did find out, officially, that I will be meeting Big & Rich next month with the station. I volunteered to help out on site, with last minute giveaways and what not, and that was appreciated. For the chance to totally embarrass myself a little work seems miniscule. I need to plan out what I'm going to say, when I finally get my chance, because I really don't want to totally embarrass myself. Not to mention, I want to ask them if I can party with them after the show. Not sure that will go over well, but you never know.

Ok, I gotta get back to work. Hope all is well in your worlds. I haven't chatted with any of you in a while. Thanks for stopping by, I'll try not to let so much time go in between posts.

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XXX sheep said...

If he keeps loading the computer down with crap, you need to tell him to visit more respectable porn sites.