September 17, 2007

Time for a LIST!

Things that are aggravating me today:
  • WORKERS COMP! W had an appointment today, and we thought we would be moving on to scheduling the next thingymajig, but NO! He drove the hour and a half plus today, met with the doc, only to be told he has to come back tomorrow for three hours of tests. And before we can move on to the thingymajig, he'll have to go back to review the test results first. NOONE TOLD US THIS! (until today. this pisses me off!)
  • MY HUSBAND! While at his doctor appointment, an hour and a half plus away, he locked his keys in the truck. Left them in the ignition, something he has never done before. THANK GOD for the roadside assistance with the warranty on the truck because they came out and got him back in and it didn't cost anything. I was going to be furious if I had to leave work, drive out there to unlock the truck and drive back.
  • WORK! This place is just driving me absolutely crazy. My bosses are never here, but I have so much stuff piled up that I need them for. Then they act all crappy when I am swamped with stuff and can't do this or that at the drop of a dime. HELLLOOOO! Come to work for more than a few hours a day and I wouldn't be as stressed out.
  • HOLY SHIT MY SON WILL BE FOUR IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!!!!!! I am not prepared for a party, the inundation of gifts and more meaningless JUNK toys and stuff. If I thought it would be effective, I would institute a "no toy" gift rule. Books and clothes or puzzles, instead of useless piles of plastic crap he doesn't need. Then Christmas is shortly after that and my inlaws do NOT know the meaning of not going overboard on him. I'm glad they love him and so on, but my house is too cluttered.
  • CLEANING! The belt on my top of the line Dyson vacuum cleaner broke. After six months. I looked for one in about five different stores this weekend, with no results. Turns out, they aren't sold in stores. One call to the company, and a new belt along with a new complete brush component, since they updated the part after we bought ours is on the way. All under warranty and free of charge. Guess it does pay to have a deluxe vacuum cleaner. 'Cept I can't actually, you know, VACUUM until the stuff gets here. Two dogs, two cats, a messy toddler, and hair that falls out of MY head with a slight breeze makes for gross carpets. But forget I mentioned any of that if you ever have a chance to come visit me! (hahahahahah)
  • K, I think that's it. Must go back to this pile of meaningless work on my desk, even tho the bosses don't seem to care about any of it, so why should I?

Hope you all have a good week. Talk to you soon.

P.S. This is my 100th post at Blogger!! WOO!


J. Cullinane said...

I feel your pain *COMFORT COMFORT COMFORT* So many stresses and aggravations. It's amazing that some of us get through life at all. Hang in there! Things will get better (even if your bosses never will).

domesticated sheep said...

I was vacuuming with our Dyson a month or so ago, and sucked up a really hard piece of hay that was on the floor from the bunnies. The suction was strong enough that it caused it to pierce the crinkly extenda-tube hose thing, like something out of a tornado movie. I was impressed that it seemed to self-seal after I pulled it out - at least it still vacuums the same and doesn't whistle like a toothless old man. I can't imagine using a different brand of vacuum anymore. :)