October 02, 2007


K, I've been MIA a while, but with good reason. I've struggled with how to write about all of this. So much has happened in the past few weeks, not much of it good. In a nutshell, my neighbor, right next door, died. We stepped in to keep the minor daughter from going to social services, and foster care, because she had now lost both parents. Then we had the funeral, and a week plus of helping the out of state family try to get the house taken care of as well as all the necessary arrangements for relocating the daughter. We're still trying to find a home for one last pet. It's been a rough few weeks with all of that. It was a very sudden and unexpected thing. Farewell Carolyn, you are missed.

Work has been crazy. Very busy, same other issues with the bosses.

Still in limbo with W's back. Waiting to hear about whether they are scheduling this thing we're going to try.

Bubba has been demon child from hell. He refuses to listen, won't do simple tasks he's told to do, etc. Started a new incentive program, which was my mom's idea and it seems to help. But my patience is so thin right now, I am not handling his disobedience properly, and that isn't helping matters any.

I'm really tired today, and I'm hoping it's just allergies and impending mother nature issues. I havent' felt this low on energy in a long time. Sure I'm always tired, but this is bone crushing fatigue I'm feeling right now, struggling to keep my eyes open at work.

Hope all of you are well. I'll try to check in more often, as I keep saying.


J. Cullinane said...

Keep your chin up, dear. You've been through something that was not just physically, but emotionally (and possibly financially) draining as well. That takes a real toll on the body. What you did was a wonderful thing for that little girl, you should be proud.

Dooneybug said...

How sad, how very sad for the girl. It's so great that you were able to help out. I'm sure you are emotionally drained. Take some time to gather your thoughts and rest!!

Jennifer Goertzen said...

I'm so sorry things are going poorly and I agree with J., you did a great thing...pat yourself on the back that you had the strength to do it. :)