October 13, 2007

In other news

I have failed to mention, because I've been so caught up with the Big & Rich excitement, that changes are happening at the office. One of the attorneys is leaving, one has already left, but this second one is taking both of his assistants with him and opening his own office. What does this mean for ole Beachgal? I get an office from one of the girls who is leaving. And Boss2 is going to starting doing a different type of law, in addition to all the other stuff we already do. Which means I'll be even busier. He's also moving into the office of the leaving attorney, and what that ultimately means is that I will be in an office right next to him, which is also right next to Boss1. It's all very exciting, but I am not looking forward to the actual moving part of it all. But having an office, with a door, that locks, is going to be totally awesome. I'll have enough room (hopefully) to spread out all the stuff I need to have everywhere. And I'm going to have a little refrigerator, and room for a tv/vcr/dvd combo, which I haven't asked for yet, but will make the criminal law aspect easier so I won't have to take stuff home for viewing.

Home life is still up and down. Bubba has been behaving a bit better, we've really been working on a lot of things with him.

We have a tentative appointment for W's next procedure, depending on if one of the key people is actually available. Still not sure if this procedure will help anything, but we have to try.

Nephew A had another surgery in New York with the surgeon that did his cornea transplant. They removed a bunch of scar tissue and some other gunk in his eye and they feel his eye is doing great. So hopefully he won't need any more surgeries any time soon and he can get back to being just a normal 3 year old.

I'm at the station, working a race. Not much else going on worth noting. Happy weekend everyone and catch ya later.

Love everybody!


Missy said...

WOW, I made it into your friends on the side bar! WHooHoo. I love your description of me!!!! I need to make one of those too.

59 minutes and counting... I'll be thinking of you too. By the way congrats on the new office. It sounds great minus the moving and extra work.

Have a great day! YeeHaw....

Missy said...

that sucks... Hopefully you can record the whole thing later. Let me know if you find it on line. I checked the Big & Rich and Warner Brother's youtube channels this morning and didn't see it yet. I also checked on CMT. EEEK They are going to tease us for a while aren't they.

J. Cullinane said...

Congrats on the new office! I haven't had one for a few years now, and god, do I miss having one! A little privacy goes a long way in the crazy office setting.