October 07, 2007

Pinch me (this got really long, I'm sorry)

Ok, ya'll. I gotta tell ya, I didn't fully embarrass myself yesterday when I was backstage. But picture this. You finally, after years of embracing an artist, be it an actress, musician, whatever, and engrossing yourself in all you can about them, you finally get the chance to meet them. Now, multiply that by about 1000 and you get my situation last nite. I CRIED!!!

We waited forever and ever it seemed to be able to go backstage, after hanging out up front with the radio station folks. The tour manager or whoever, gathered us around and was explaining no pictures, no autographs, etc. Lemme tell ya, I was pissed. They gave us an autographed picture of the boys that has a website where we can download the picture that THEY took of us with the guys. Eventually they said we could take pictures while in line but to not ask for an autograph. Well I had brought my book, (that is the Big and Rich book) and the shirt we have for Bubba with as many signatures of groups and artists that we can get. My radio folks were assuring me that since we were going last, it shouldn't be a problem for autographs and it wasn't. So finally the guys came out, and I went a little bonkers, saying, "Oh my god, oh my god." I calmed down soon, cause I had to. Before the guys came out we ran into the lead guitarist from Lynryd Skynrd and he was signing some autographs and posing for some pics. It was cool. So I took a lot of pictures while in line and got some great shots, and I can't wait to get them off the camera. So as we were waiting our turn people were getting stuffed signed and I felt better. Finally it was my dad's turn, and he went up, then me. I was so excited. All the wonderful things I had wanted to tell the guys flew right out of my head and I never said them. I did tell them a few times how much I loved them and their music and all that. I kinda grabbed onto John Rich and didn't wanna let go after they took the picture...then I asked them to sign my book, and they did. In between the picture and the signing something just went off in my brain, and I blurted out, "I'm gonna cry!" They told me, "Don't cry darlin'" I wasn't bawling, but I was just sooo damn happy to have finally met them, and that's what I said. I need to add that Two Foot Fred, the little man that helps with all their shows, and Cowboy Troy the hick-hop country rapper dude, were also there for the meet and greet. So I said hey to them and told them they rocked. By this time they were really trying to usher us along and out, but my morning show guys from the station were still getting stuff signed. Then Korby (the female of the morning show duo) was able to get ALL OF THEM to sign Bubba's shirt, which kicks ass. He was excited when I gave it to him this morning. I hung around as long as I could, and the guys started walking away, but I asked John, "Hey one more pic for me, please?" And he gave me a great look and I snapped the pic right as the guys in charge were ready to grab me and show me out. Granted it was maybe ten minutes total that I was in their presence, and only about five standing right next to them, but to me it was absolutely momentous. When we went back out and got in our seats I just sat down and heaved this big sigh and was so content. One of my biggest dreams has come (partly) true, and only partly because I still want to hang with them and jam or something. But meeting them is high up there on something I've wanted to do for a very long time.

The guys put on an awesome show, which I expected, no need to go on and on about that. My dad really had a good time with Big and Rich, and then it was time for Skynyrd. Man, what a show they put on. I was a little uncertain whether I'd really enjoy them or not, but I shouldn't have worried. It was fantastic. Ricky Medlocke, the guitarist we met backstage, was absolutly phenomenal. I don't know just how old this man is, but keep in mind that Skynyrd has been around for thirty damn years, and he was at least probably 25 when they started. He never stopped bouncing around on stage, and his playing was just unreal.

The only bad parts of the night was the fact that it poured down rain for about half of Big and Rich's show. We had rain ponchos so we didn't get too wet. Then it took us over an HOUR to get out of the parking lot. Due in part to the fact that I parked right at the front of the gate for the pre show stuff we did with the radio station. Papa bought an awesome shirt, and the same one for W. Great quote by John Rich, "If you don't love America, why don't you get the hell out" with an American Flag on the front.

Okay, that's probably way more than most of you like to read about this kind of stuff. I'm hoping to work on the pictures tomorrow, but I have tons to do at work. I'll get them posted as soon as I can.

C-ya, and in the words of Big Kenny, "LOVE EVERYBODY!!!!"

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J. Cullinane said...

I'm so glad you had such a phenomenal time! Hooray!!!!

And don't worry about the crying...it was probably more cute than embarrassing.