September 04, 2007

we're alive

I don't get much computer time when the inlaws are around, so I'm trying to make a quick post from work.

Our weekend was fantastic, albeit expensive. We gambled away everything we took with us, which we expected, we were just hoping to win big and be all happy and such. We had fun, the slots were great, different, and the concert. Oh man, it was phenomenal. My voice still isn't back to normal, it's all scratchy and hoarse, but it was so fricking worth it! I tried to crash their after party behind the casino, but W wouldn't let me, and I was kinda scared of getting arrested. I hope so bad I can meet them next month when they are in this area.

Took some pics, but not many, was fighting with the camera, I really need to learn the settings better.

The trip up was nice, it was gorgeous driving through the mountains up there. We want to go back, for a longer trip or vacation, stay in a cabin by the creeks or something. Dreaming big, but probably won't ever happen. We still talk about going back to Williamsburg, too, but doubt it will happen.

Otherwise, the weekend flew by. Bubba had a fantastic time at G-ma's with my brother and his son. He's currently being spoiled rotten by Grammy and company. He's still having meltdowns at times, but I'm dealing with them.

Today is the first day in about four days that I have not had a splitting headache. Even through the casino/concert, etc. and popping W's migraine pills, I was quite miserable at times. Yesterday was the worst, but it seems to have gone away after a night's sleep. Don't know how long that will last since work has me crazy.

Off I must be, got to get some junk cleared off my desk. Boss2 has been out since last week, so once he appears this afternoon, the craziness will begin. And no sign of Boss1 yet today, either, tho I have discussed some new calls with him.

Hope you all had a good Labor Day. We grilled about ten pounds of chicken, and my refridgerator is completely stuffed since we have so much company. Normally it's empty but for soda, milk and lunchmeat and water. I should take pictures of the difference.

Have a good day y'all. Hope all is well.

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