August 28, 2007

Hey y'all.

Jeez, how do I keep letting a week go by without posting? Just shows how boring my life really is. Not much going on. Worked at the station a bunch this weekend, but it was busy and I didn't get to goof much. Had a Busch race Friday night, along with a high school football game. Then because of all the damn rain we've been having the game I was supposed to work on Thursday got postponed until Saturday evening, and I did that, too. It's more involved than a race, but it's still the same basic job. I liked chatting with the game announcers when we were at break, they seemed really cool. The one is a deputy, and knows Boss1 from all the courthouse stuff. Small world.

Let's see, what else. Bubba is sleeping over at my parents Friday and Saturday, with the added bonus that my brother and his son are coming down for the weekend, too. Bubba and Tank (that's what I'm calling A from now on) are going to have a blast. Mom is going to take them to Build A Bear, and do a dinosaur, which is a new branch of BAB. I've been wanting to take him for that, but of course, haven't done it yet, so G-ma offered. She's also gonna try to get them to get some pictures taken.

We've had storms almost every day for a week. Bubba keeps getting freaked out by it, and we're at a loss to get him over it. Seems he goes through this stage every summer, since we have so many storms this time of year. Hopefully it passes soon.

Greatly looking forward to this weekend for our trip and concert. The inlaws will be in sometime Saturday while we are out, but they have keys and can take care of the animals, and we'll just see them when we get back on Sunday. Then we'll go pick up Bubba and the party will be on. They are staying for a week, which means Bubba off schedule and spoiled and everything. *sigh* Not much I can do about it, so I'm going to try and just go with the flow and try not to get stressed out.

Work has finally calmed a bit. I've had a couple really rough, busy weeks, with too much drama and craziness. I'm hoping it settles back down for good soon. Somedays I just have way too much to do, I rush and end up making mistakes, then I beat myself up about them, the bosses get upset with me, etc. However, if either one of them were actually IN the office more than a few hours a day, it would be much easier.

Ok, I'm off to do filing and various other stuff that completely bores me silly.

So what's up with all of y'all???

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Laz said...

Pretty much nothing, same here. Still mired in renovating hell, as always. Easy to stop posting when there doesn't seem to be anything post-worthy, isn't it? I always feel so guilty.