August 11, 2007

Not so VIP

Well, after some miscommunication, travel discussions and whatnot, I've got my tickets. I wasn't allowed to buy VIP tickets because they are only for basically the highrollers at the casino or whatever. But I did get floor seats, and will try to find out how close we'll actually be and if I can bring a camera. We've also decided to get a hotel, instead of driving up and back in one day/night. The show is at nine. We leave early enough and don't have problems, we should have time to find the hotel, get to the casino and pick up the tickets and maybe do a little gambling. Now I just have to get some money stashed for gambling....I'm setting out now to find a hotel close. We can't stay at the casino because they are booked. Figures. Regardless, I'M EXCITED!!

Last nite we had a tremendously wicked thunderstorm roll in around one am or so. How bad? Bad enough that W, Bubba, the dogs and I were in the CLOSET! We feared a tornado, bad. Couldn't get the cats to stay in the closet. Didn't help that the closet is jam packed with all W's new hunting stuff. Bubba was terrified, unfortunately but he settled down quickly enough once it passed through. We lost power for a good while, had flashlights and candles out. I woke back up around four to the lights back on so luckily it wasn't a long outage. That was the worst storm we've had in a long time. Both of the flag poles out on the front of the house got messed up. The POW one broke completely off the house, bracket and all. The American flag flew off, and I found the top of the pole in the POOL, around back. The part of the pole that is left attached to the house is bent into some wicked shapes, so that tells us just how bad the wind really was. The humidity broke for a while this morning, but it's still going to be in the 90's this afternoon. We've had a heat index of around 120 F every day for the past week.

Well, off to work, they'll be calling soon for the first break of this remote...I'll have time to shoot home in between this, the race and next remote. And I have to work tomorrow, which I usually don't do. The trade off is I'll be off next weekend. (Happy Birthday to me!) Then I gotta tell my boss that I need the concert day off, too! Have a great weekend y'all....more soon.


J. Cullinane said...

So glad to hear you got the tickets - hooray! I know you'll have a great time.

And poor Bubba about the storm. :(

selva said...

i stayed in Alpine Peaks restaurant with my parents , i feel l am living something in my life while am this restaurant.i surely ask my father to go back there in the next holiday