August 20, 2007

So we're making this trek to Cherokee for this concert and some gambling. I got the hotel room, more than I really wanted to pay, but most places were booked for some reason. And, to my surprise, what do I find out last week? Big & Rich are coming HERE!!!!! Not to Myrtle Beach, but to Marion, which is only like 30 minutes....and the radio station is giving away tickets all week and my boss promised me a pair!!! I'm so unbelievably excited. Now I will get to see them a third time. With the possibility of meet/greet, since the station will probably do something like that. And heaven forbid, if the guys come to the radio station, I am totally ditching work and going to hang. Already told my boss at the office. I am NOT getting my hopes up on that, I don't know how likely that is to happen, but it's fun to think about.

Didn't do much this weekend, was off from the station for my birthday. We did our shopping, some yard work, went swimming. Ate cake. Bubba loves cake, he eats all the icing first, then nibbles on the cake. Smart boy.

I had an incredibly stressful week at the office last week. Crisis after crisis and just soo much work to try to get done each day. Finally got caught up come Friday. I have a bunch already today, and I'm totally unmotivated to get it done.

My parents went to Pittsburgh over the weekend for the first time since they went up to move ME down here in 1999!! I should have gone with, it was for a funeral of the son of a very close family friend. I regret not going, but I just could NOT get off work on Friday. Not to mention, I wouldn't have had Bubba snuggles on my birthday. That was hard enough last year, I didn't want to do it again. Anyway, rest in piece, Mike, you will be dearly missed.

Not to end on a sad note, but that's all I got. Have a good week, y'all. Talk soon.


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J. Cullinane said...

Your birthday? Awwww! Hope it was happy!!

Beachgal said...

do you two realize that you each have different names on different things, and I have issues remembering which one of you is which?