August 10, 2007


Oh man, I can't believe this. I've just discovered that Big & Rich are coming to Cherokee, NC (which isn't really THAT close to us) and W has said to get the tickets if I really want them. OF COURSE I WANT THEM! VIP tix are 75 bucks each, and I've actually convinced myself to go for it. I'll be using a credit card, so I won't drain the savings, and I am NOT going to feel guilty about it. We only live once, dammit, and I love these guys and have GOT to see them again. And I could be in the first few rows! HELLO!! That would be AWESOME!!!!

Problem: W's family is coming into town that weekend, and we'd be almost 6 hours away. So, we're going to find out tonite when exactly they'll be getting in, and I'm gonna see if W doesn't want to miss them, if someone in the family wants to go with me, if they get here in time. Tickets go on sale tomorrow moring. The shows are either the 1st or 2nd of September, Saturday and Sunday and I'd have Monday off for Labor Day. It seems like they just posted these concert dates, too, cause I don't remember seeing them before. GAH! I'm afraid to get excited for fear that something will come up, but HOT DAMN I could be going to see my heroes again.

Keep your fingers crossed and I'll update when I can about this.


Laz said...

I don't know who I'd go so crazy for if they came in concert :) I was pretty excited for some summer concerts a couple of years ago (Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters) but nothing close to how you feel about B&R ;) Good luck!

old sheep said...

I used to get excited over concerts, I can even remember way back in my youth being in line overnight in the middle of winter in Buffalo for Rush tickets. As I've gotten older, I think I've become all stodgy and usually prefer to listen to something on our stereo rather than live with a bunch of screaming people. So I guess that means you are still young at heart. :)

Or a stalker.

Beachgal said...

I'm definitely obsessed, that's for sure.