July 28, 2007

ho hum

Not much is going on around Casa Beachgal. I get up, argue with either W, or Bubba or both, go to work, slave away at my meaningless job, fight traffic and head home. W has been watching the neighbor girl, C, during the day because her mama started a new job. He's kinda enjoying it, but finding it difficult to entertain a nine year old girl sometimes. It's just until she starts school, but then she'll be over after school before her mama gets home. Bubba has been wanting to stay home so he can play with C, but he's still going to Nanny's. We toyed with the idea of keeping him home, but she'd miss him terribly and yadda yadda.

Spent most of the day shopping with my mama and Bubba. Bought boss birthday gifts, because of course, both bosses birthday's fall in the same week. One is getting booze and the other a gift card to the mall.

Um. I really don't have anything to say. Still haven't read Harry Potter. My mom is almost done with her copy and then I get to borrow it. She was kind enough to tell me spoilers I didn't already know, nor did I want to know, which upset me a bit. I am happy to say my prediction on minor things was right from what she told me. I can't wait to get it, and then I'm gonna struggle to find time to actually read the damn thing.

Radio station is good. I did an hour live last Saturday before the Busch race, and right now I've got about a half hour to do live before this week's race. It's only like three breaks tonite. Not that big a deal, but I haven't had the heart racing moments like I'm going to screw up, or "HOLY SHIT I'M LIVE ON THE RADIO" moments. Last week was more breaks, being it was a full hour, but still, I didn't freak out at all.

That's it, really. I'm sure I could rant on and on about money, stress, W's back, but y'all don't need to hear it so I won't.

Hope you all are doing well. Talk soon, if I can find something worth talking about!

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J. Cullinane said...

Just getting an update on your life is good! Don't worry about making it exciting! Smooches!